Q: Can I connect with every type of profile?

Yes, All Level Up Sports Users can connect with one another, and expand their athletic social network.

Q: Who can see my profile/what I post?

Any Level Up Sports user who follows your profile will see updates you post on your timeline and can visit your profile as they please.

Q: What should I put in my Bio?

You can describe yourself in any way you wish, but it’s recommended that you describe your athletic journey of where/how you started the sport you play to where you are today.

Q: What’s the best way to use my Level Up Sports profile?

To make the best use of Level Up Sports it is important to stay active on the website, and fill in your profile as much as you can.

Q: Is Level Up Sports NCAA Compliant?

Yes. Level Up Sports is programmed to restrict college coaches from interacting with high school athletes according to NCAA guidelines and regulations.

Q: How will Level Up Sports advance my athletic career?

Level Up Sports is a social network for athletics, where people can connect with others in the athletic field Where Coaches find Athletes, Athletes find teams, and everyone can find new contacts.

Q: Will Level Up Sports help me connect with athletes around the world?

Yes. Level Up Sports is constantly expanding. Currently Level Up Sports is talking with Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, and other countries in South America.