Why LUS is the Best Free College Recruiting App


If you’ve been shopping around for a free college recruiting app, you know you have a few choices. What you might not know, though, is that not all of them are created equal.

Level Up Sports (LUS) stands out from the crowd as the leading free college recruiting app or website out there. In this post, we’ll discuss why and help you understand how LUS can help you meet your college sports goals.

Let’s dive in.

To Free or Not to Free? That is the Question

One of the first things you’ll notice about college recruiting apps as you shop around is that, while some (like LUS) are free, others make you pay to use them.

Here’s our question, though: do you really need to pay someone else to showcase your talent? No!

With that in mind, we recommend steering clear of paid college recruiting apps and sticking to something free to join and use.

After all, college sports recruiting is challenging enough - your app shouldn’t make it harder by attaching a hefty fee to the process.

4 Big Benefits That set LUS Apart From the Rest

As we mentioned earlier, while there are a few dozen college recruiting apps out there, not all of them do enough to help you find your perfect college sports match. Fortunately, LUS is the exception to the rule.

Here’s what sets our service apart from the rest:

1. A network of experts at your disposal

If you have questions about the college recruiting process or college sports as a whole - you are not alone. Unfortunately, most apps leave you out in the cold when it comes to getting answers to those questions.

Not LUS, though.

Instead, our app goes above and beyond by offering a team of LUS experts and making it possible for you to contact them directly.

Have a question about playing baseball recruiting? Reach out to Brendan Donovan - pro baller for the St. Louis Cardinals. Want to know a little more about football recruiting or getting recruited for basketball? Joe Ross, a 3-year Varsity Starter at East Brunswick HS, is here for you.

When it comes to meeting your sports goals, LUS believes you should never be in it alone, and the available network of sports experts on the platform ensures you won’t be.

2. Social connection for student athletes

At each stage of your recruiting journey, it’s essential to connect with people who can understand and relate. LUS makes this easy by offering easy athlete-to-athlete connections on the platform.

Not only does this allow like-minded athletes to interact in a social setting, but it’s also a great way for adult and youth recreational athletes to find leagues and clubs they may want to participate in.

3. A convenient place for all your player information

Some apps make it difficult to organize and display your athletic resume. However, with the LUS app, your info, awards, relevant stats, and highlight videos are organized in a convenient, streamlined, centralized dashboard.

Besides allowing you maximum exposure for your efforts, this also makes it easy for coaches and recruiters to evaluate you and reach out if they think you’d make a good fit.

4. Powerful recruiting

It’s great for a college recruiting app to play double-duty as a social platform for you to meet other athletes. At the end of the day, though, you want your recruiting app to do its primary job: get you recruited to the school of your dreams.

Luckily, LUS delivers on that count. Offering some of the most powerful recruiting tools in the industry, LUS makes it easy for you to navigate the recruiting landscape and connect with the coaches who want to offer you a spot on their teams.

Realize Your Dreams With LUS

If playing sports at the college level has always been your dream, LUS is here to help. Delivering industry-leading, NCAA-compliant recruiting networks, athlete interfaces, and expert archives, our team goes the extra mile to help you play for your dream school.

Ready to see what LUS can do for you? Sign up now.

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