What you Need in a College Athletic Recruiting Website


You’ve worked hard to master your sport, and now it’s time to look toward the future and the prospect of getting recruited to play at the college level. That can be a long road, though, and it’s wise to leverage all the tools available to you. One of the best tools out there is a college athletic recruiting website like Level Up Sports.

With so many options out there, though, it’s tough to choose just one.

In this post, we’ll break down the must-have features to look for in sports recruiting websites and help you pick the one that’s best for you.

Let’s dive in.

5 Things you Need in a College Recruiting Website

Whether you’re researching college recruiting website options or you’re brand new to the world of recruiting sites, keep these five must-haves in mind to find the one that’s perfect for you:

1. Free use

Getting recruited for college sports is hard enough. Your college recruiting website shouldn’t make it harder by demanding that you pay for services! With this in mind, look for a college recruiting website that’s free to join and use. Be wary of anything that wants to charge you a one-time or recurring fee.

2. A network of pros

If you’re going to use a college recruiting website, you want one that provides the best possible results and the most exposure for your efforts. With that in mind, we recommend you look for a college recruiting website that offers a network of professionals, like Level Up Sports does.

When you have access to a network of professionals, you have the opportunity to network and increase your exposure tenfold - leading to faster recruitment and more positive recruitment results.

3. The ability to ask experts questions

Make your college recruiting website work harder for you by looking for one that allows you to communicate directly with pros. For example, level Up Sports connects you with sports experts in hockey, baseball, and more and will enable you to reach out directly and ask a question.

This is a great way to enhance your knowledge and make your recruiting process more effective.

4. A social platform for athletes

Look for a college recruiting website that allows you to connect with other student athletes. For example, level Up Sports allows athletes to put their athletic resumes on display and connect with coaches and other athletes.

Besides providing some crucial social interaction with like-minded people, this also allows adult and youth recreational athletes to find clubs and leagues to participate in and advance their craft that much more.

5. A website that’s NCAA-compliant

Play by the rules with a website that’s NCAA-compliant. For example, Level Up Sports is programmed to restrict college coaches from interacting directly with high school athletes, as per NCAA regulations and guidelines.

Bonus: Something that’s easy and fun to use

Using a college recurring website shouldn’t feel like work. With this in mind, look for something enjoyable and straightforward to use and that you’re excited to join and log into.

The site should also be easy to use not just for athletes, but for everyone involved in the recruiting journey, including parents and coaches. I

t’s a great sign if a college recruiting website offers ways for athletes to connect via social media or provides free college recruiting apps for on-the-go use.

Making the Most of a College Recruiting Website

There’s no doubt about it - using a college recruiting website requires some legwork and intentionality on your part. Still, using the right college recruiting website can help you enhance your recruiting journey and earn a spot on your dream team.

Here at Level Up Sports, our team specializes in helping coaches and athletes connect and find their perfect placements. We offer a streamlined, easy-to-use platform and a personalized tour for each new user who signs up.

Ready to learn more? Want to see how we can help you meet your goals? Sign up for Level Up Sports now and get busy connecting with coaches and other athletes in your area.

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