What is an NCAA Eligibility Number?


If you’re in the midst of the college recruiting process, you may notice that there is a field on most recruiting correspondences where you can enter an NCAA Eligibility Number. If you don’t have an NCAA Eligibility Number or have never come across one before, though, you naturally do not know what this is.


As it stands now, NCAA Eligibility Numbers are given out to athletes who have completed a screening process. The number verifies the athlete’s eligibility to compete at NCAA Division I or II levels. 


In this post, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the NCAA Eligibility Number, how you obtain one, and why having one can be helpful in the recruiting process. 


Let’s dive in.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Number?

Today, every high school athlete who wants to play sports at the Division I or Division II level needs to obtain an NCAA Eligibility Number. Going through the eligibility process certifies that a high school athlete is eligible to play at the NCAA level during freshman year.

Why a Student Athlete Needs an NCAA Eligibility Number

If you’re not sure whether you should obtain an NCAA Eligibility Number or not, it’s smart to consider their benefits. First of all, an eligibility number indicates that a student-athlete has fulfilled all the necessary academic requirements and, previously, has only competed at the amateur level.


During the process of obtaining an NCAA Eligibility Number, the student goes through an eligibility confirmation process, during which the NCAA Eligibility Center reviews a student’s SAT or ACT scores and academic transcripts to ensure all academic requirements are met. 


The Eligibility Center will also review the student to ensure that he or she is an amateur and has had no professional experience. 


How to Register for an NCAA Eligibility Number

To register for an NCAA Eligibility Number, you must have completed all the necessary academic requirements and only competed at the amateur level. Once you are sure you’ve met those requirements, you can register with the NCAA Eligibility Center


To register, you must provide:


  • A valid student email
  • Basic information including name, address, and phone number
  • Student education history
  • Sports participation history
  • Payment
    • If you go to school in the United States or Canada, the fee is $90.00
    • If you are an international student, it is $150.00


The process takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. The NCAA encourages you to register during your sophomore year. 

Does an NCAA Eligibility Number Help You Get Recruited?

The short answer is no. Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center doesn’t help you during the recruiting process. Recruiting, after all, is the process of being evaluated by (and evaluating) the colleges and universities that you believe may be a good fit for you. 


While having an NCAA Eligibility Number is required to play in Division I or Division II athletics, the eligibility center will ultimately handle an athlete’s academic and amateur eligibility once a coach shows interest in drafting the athlete. 

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