Top 7 Things to Know About College Recruiting

College recruiting can feel like a mystery to navigate. Even incredible skill and an excellent academic background aren’t enough to automatically earn you a spot at your top-choice university. Fortunately, you can boost your prospects by understanding these seven important facts about college recruiting:

1. College coaches have limited time and budgets

Most college coaches love their jobs and want to find great recruits, but their resources are often stretched a little thin. If you’re going to get noticed, you’ll have to work hard. 

Building an online profile on a college sports recruiting app  (Like Level up Sports) is an excellent way to do this and make the most of the recruiting process.

2. You should evaluate schools based on border priorities

While it’s smart to consider which NCAA division a school belongs to or what conference they play in, that’s not all you should take into account. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to choose the right school:

  • Does the school offer the specific educational program you want? How respected is that program?
  • How difficult will it be to see playing time during the program?
  • What position is the coach likely to offer, and is that the position you want?
  • Is the school’s location convenient for you?
  • Will you enjoy the campus? 

3. Your communication skills are critical

The college recruiting field is crowded. Because of this, athletes that communicate well will stand out. The better you are at writing clear, professional emails to coaches, the more attention you’ll demand. 

To ensure you make the best possible impression, join a community that encourages you to connect with other athletes and reach out to sports professionals to ask questions you may have. 

4. Social media is important

Social media is an important platform for expression, and programs may ask to follow or view an athlete’s social media platforms during the recruiting and pre-recruiting process. 

This means that, for athletes, it’s crucial to identify and remove things that could be a red flag for coaches. These include:

  • Party photos
  • Photos that contain signs of drinking or drug use
  • Photos of the athlete in any compromising situations 


Athletes should also be careful to avoid online bullying or discriminatory political messages since these can impact recruitment opportunities. 

5. Practice makes perfect

While it’s easy to focus on the technical aspect of getting recruited, you need to invest in your practice, drill, and off-field habits, as well. You never know when a coach is watching you play, and it’s critical to keep your skills sharp, so you shine on the field. 

We recommend practicing good teammate skills and work rates, so they become habitual. Coaches want people on their teams who are both good athletes and good teammates and demonstrating strong leadership is essential.

6. You get to choose your coach, as well

There’s a lot of talk about how discerning coaches can stand to be, but athletes get to be discerning as well. 

Any coach you consider playing for should be...

  • Enthusiastic about you as an athlete
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Invested in your athletic career
  • Committed to answering your questions and providing detail on the athletic recruiting process

If you get warning bells in any of these areas, stay away, or at least talk with the coach until you feel comfortable. You should be excited about your placement and the coach you’re working with.

7. Coaching staff turnover is normal

While you may find a coach you love, it’s important to remember that coaching turnover happens. The earlier you commit to a program, the more chance there will be at least an assistant who turns over before the program completes. 

While this is normal, it’s also a good reminder to avoid making a school selection on a coach and a coach alone.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the midst of the athletic recruiting process, you deserve all the support you can get. Here at Level Up Sports, we make it possible to secure the spot you deserve at the university of your dreams. Our leading platform allows you to gain exposure, get noticed, and connect directly with interested coaches. 

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