Level Up Sports: The Recruiting Platform You Need


If you’re a college athlete trying to land a position at your top college, you know the recruiting process can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, you’re not alone. A leading college recruiting network, Level Up Sports helps connect athletes and coaches for an easier recruiting process. 


In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Level Up Sports, and how it can help you achieve your recruiting goals. 

What is Level Up Sports?

Here at Level Up Sports, we specialize in helping student athletes get recruited. Instead of just providing a platform for athletes to share their details, we take it a step further and facilitate partnerships between promising athletes and the colleges that want to recruit them. 


We do this by offering college matching tools, a network of sports pros, best-in-class guidance, and a single, convenient platform to manage it all. 

Why Use Level Up Sports?

It is possible to navigate sports recruiting without a sports recruiting network. So why use Level Up Sports? Here are a few of the main reasons athletes use us:

Maximum Exposure

One of the biggest benefits Level Up Sports offers is exposure. When athletes list their information on Level Up Sports, they rise to the top of the thousands of potential recruiting matches out there.


This makes it easier for athletes to find the best positions for them and to ensure they’ve explored all their options before they commit. 

Customized Profiles

Some sports recruiting networks use a one-size-fits-all method for displaying player information and details. Level Up Sports, on the other hand, offers customized, tailored recruiting profiles that showcase individual achievements. 


Use Level Up Sports to include stats, game and practice reels, GPA/SAT scores, contact information, and more. 

Access to Experts

The college athletic landscape can be complex, and having the help of an expert can make it much easier. Here at Level Up Sports, we offer a network of recruiting experts that college athletes can communicate and commiserate with. 


In addition to helping facilitate connections between athletes and coaches, these experts can help students find out about the recruiting process and learn more about things like scholarships and other opportunities. 


While the features of a recruiting platform can be helpful, you want the platform to be easy to use, as well. Level Up Sports delivers on that count. Plus, it’s free


Our network is powerful yet accessible and provides a variety of advanced tools without a steep learning curve. It’s a tool that simplifies rather than complicates your recruiting journey. 

Level Up Sports: Your Perfect Recruiting Partner

When it comes to recruiting, you don’t need to manage the process on your own. Instead, partner with Level Up Sports. 


The easy, streamlined, and straightforward way to enhance and amplify your college recruiting process, Level Up Sports is the network of choice for coaches, athletes, and sports professionals. 

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