How to Tell a College Coach You’ve Committed to Another Program


If you’re in the middle of the athletic recruiting process, you know that it is every recruit’s dream to have several program options to choose from. When you choose one of those programs, though, you need to inform the other coaches who have extended offers to you that you’ve committed somewhere else. 

That process can be easier said than done.

In this post, we’ll discuss the etiquette of informing a college coach that you’ve committed somewhere else, and how to maintain your athletic relationships throughout the recruiting process.

Why Communicating With College Coaches can be Stressful

During the first phase of the recruiting journey, student-athletes often feel that they need to impress coaches. Once the offers are extended, though, the tables turn a bit - coaches hope that students will choose to commit to their programs, and it’s up to student-athletes to select the program that best suits their goals. 

So, what happens when you become a recently committed prospect who was lucky enough to receive multiple scholarship offers

The next step, of course, is to inform the coaches you won’t be working with that you chose to commit elsewhere. 

This process, however, can be stressful, especially for young athletes who are just getting their college sports careers started. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to inform college coaches of your decision, without burning bridges. 

How to Inform College Coaches of Your Decision

When it’s time to inform the programs you didn’t choose, follow these tips:

  • Be professional. Above all else, keep your tone and approach professional. If you can, reach out and speak to the coach personally over the phone. Remember to thank each coach for extending the offer to you, and avoid sending generic emails to the schools you won’t attend. 

  • Be prompt. Don’t wait to inform other coaches and programs that you will not be attending. As soon as you’ve chosen to accept an offer from another college, reach out and inform the other schools. Whatever you do, make sure the coaches don’t find out about your commitment from the news or the director of your new school’s program. 

  • Keep your bridges intact. Remember that, even when a commitment seems perfect, some things don’t work out. Athletes occasionally de-commit or transfer out of programs, so it’s important to leave your bridges intact. If you choose to attend a different college, the coaches who extended other offers to you will be some of your first calls. 

  • Keep it mature. As you communicate your decision to the coaches you won’t be working with, be sure to stay mature and professional throughout. The way you carry yourself now will reflect on you throughout the rest of your athletic career, so it’s important to make a good impression. 

Starting Your Athletic Career on a Good Foot

If you were lucky enough to receive multiple scholarship offers, informing the programs you didn’t choose can be difficult. Fortunately, doing so is the first step to enjoying your new position in the program you did choose. 

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