Common Pitfalls of Preparing for Recruiting Season (and how to Avoid Them)


Athletic recruiting season is just around the corner, and student-athletes, athletic directors, and coaches everywhere are getting ready for it. 

If a streamlined recruiting season is your goal, now is the time to learn about the common pitfalls associated with it, and learn how to avoid them.

That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this post. Let’s dive in.

1. Favoritism

As a student-athlete, it’s easy to get caught up in your favorite things. Your favorite school, your favorite coach, or your favorite athletic position.

Unfortunately, this is a dangerous frame of mind. 

The more you dwell in favoritism, the more likely you are to miss a great opportunity. After all, how are you going to consider a school you’ve never heard of if you’re only focused on the top three Ivy Leagues in the country? 

To avoid this pitfall, keep an open mind and be willing to entertain opportunities and placements you haven’t previously considered. You may be surprised by what you find. 

2. Blame Games

When things don’t go right during the recruiting process, the way you handle it matters. Instead of playing blame games, work to see things from a realistic perspective. 

Own your position in any scenario that went wrong, and place other people’s responsibilities where they belong. The more mature you can be about the recruiting process, the less likely it is that you’ll get caught up in senseless and time-consuming blame games.

3. Not Collecting Proper References

 Many students believe that their athletic career will speak for itself. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case (although Level Up Sports can help you put your best foot forward). 

To tip the scales in your favor, we recommend collecting references from coaches as well.  

These references are valuable data points for college recruiters because they provide feedback that says more about an athlete than just the quality of their athletic ability. Coaches can speak to an athlete’s attitude, personality, work ethic, and more. 

With that in mind, be sure you’re collecting plenty of references from coaches as you begin your recruiting journey. 

4. Neglecting Communication

Communication is essential to great recruiting. While coaches will go out of their way to communicate with you, you also need to prioritize communicating with them. 

The more streamlined and focused the communication can be, the better the chances of your being recruited to the team you want. Use a tool like Level Up Sports to streamline the communication process and connect with coaches as effectively as possible. 

5. Letting Videos Speak for You

While videos and highlight reels are essential to the recruiting process, you can’t rely on these digital mediums to speak for you. Although it’s smart to use a tool like Level Up Sports  to display highlight reels, videos, and statistics, student-athletes must also be willing to meet face-to-face with coaches and build a real relationship

Avoid Common Recruiting Pitfalls for an Easier Process

Recruiting can be a challenging process. Fortunately, you can streamline your approach to it by avoiding common recruiting pitfalls like the ones listed above. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to navigate recurring, Level Up Sports can help. Learn more about our app or download today to join other athletes, coaches, and athletic directors and make recruiting easier than ever before.