5 Tips to Align Your Athletic Goals With Your Academic Ones


As you navigate the recruiting landscape, it’s critical to keep your athletic goals in line with your academic ones. After all, you’re still a student, even as you focus on being an athlete. Still, keeping your athletic goals in line with your academic ones is easier said than done, and figuring out how to balance it all can be difficult. 

In this post, we’ll offer a few helpful tips for student-athletes who want to excel both in their sports and in the classroom. Let's dive in.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

If you already know where you want to go academically, your next step is to find a college that supports that goal. 

Secondary to that should be finding a school that supports your athletic goals. Ultimately, the goal is to find a school that lays the foundation for you to achieve both your academic and athletic goals. 

If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, make a list of schools that meet your athletic goals and one of schools that support your academic goals. The perfect school for you should appear on both lists. 

Tip #2: Understand What Your Schedule Will Look Like

Even people with the best time management skills can only handle so much. If you play athletics at the college level, you’ll need to make sure you can balance a demanding sports schedule with your academic calendar. 

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits-all rule for this. Only you know how much you can handle, and which demanding courses or athletics programs will be “too much.” If you’re not sure how to structure your schedule, consider speaking with your school’s athletic director about the specifics, and how you’ll manage stress throughout. 

Tip #3: Communicate With Coaches

Today, most colleges are somewhat hesitant to allow student-athletes to pursue very demanding majors like pre-med or pre-law. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to call it quits on your dream major. Coaches understand how athletes typically balance academics and athletics. 

If you want to pursue a demanding major while also playing sports, talk to your would-be coach about it. Ask the coach what you can do to pursue your major of choice while also staying on the team, and make sure the coach is comfortable with your aspirations. The closer you work with your coach, the more successful your tenure at the University will be. 

Tip #4: Prepare to Work Hard

Being a student-athlete will be challenging. No matter how good you are at your sport, or how well you manage your time, college athletics and college academics are both very demanding fields. 

With that in mind, you’ve got to prepare for that in advance. To set yourself up for success, do the extra work on the front-end and anticipate what your life will look like as a student-athlete. Find ways you can make your goals overlap and look for opportunities, routines, and support to help yourself succeed. 

Tip #5: Believe in Yourself

Above all else, believe in yourself. Ultimately, you’re in this position because you’re skilled and capable enough to handle it. As long as you have a team of advocates and supporters backing you, you’ll continue to be capable of great things. 

Although there’s no doubt that balancing your athletic and academic careers will be challenging, believing you can do it is the first step to actually doing it. 

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