About Level Up Sports

Students are more than ever concerned about how they can afford a college education which is critical to success in the fields of their choice. One way to reduce costs is through athletic scholarships. The problem for many young athletes is “where do they start”? For the McDonalds All Americas, the answer is easy. For millions of others, the answer will be a new app named Level UP Sports. LUS allows an athlete to show case his/her skills and accomplishments to coaches and athletic directors across the country and eventually abroad. On the other side, coaches and athletic directors will be able to easily find athletes that fit their needs while at the same time, manage their scholarship budget more effectively as a service of the app. Local sports facilities such as tennis clubs, indoor soccer, baseball, etc. that form leagues for adults will be able to reach out to athletes who will be accustomed to the application from their high school/college experience. Simply stated, Level Up Sports will be the sports social media website/app choice for millennials and beyond.